Reclaiming our lives

We live in constant competition. If we are the first born, we get all the attention and the uniqueness for someone who is a parent for the first time. But then a second and third child comes along, we have to share that attention and are also given responsibility to take care of our new brother or sister. It’s not the same feeling. At home, some of us are told that we are the smartest, the prettiest or the cutest and then we go to school and interact with other kids whose heads are filled with the very same stuff.

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Unlearning and Deprogramming

I had a fascinating conversation with a bright young woman last night. It actually almost made me  leave the festivities and run back to my room so I could write down all my thoughts but I couldn’t. I was having too much fun celebrating a dear friend’s birthday in Rijoa (not only a great wine region but truly a magical place).

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Not Being Like Everyone Else

It has been interesting to talk to people about the decision I made to leave my successful corporate job. The responses have ranged from “wow, good for you. That is so exciting and courageous” to “are you sure you made the right choice during this turbulent economic time?” And then, there are the people who made the leap themselves who I have asked about what they learned from their process that I should know about as I take this leap,

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