Dealing with Change

Most of us don’t like change. We are socialized (a word I am not fond of) into liking routine and predictability so when change started creeping itself into our work life, most people didn’t like it. So companies created programs to deal with change. I am personally trained to deliver expert change management programs.  And I have for years. But I can’t do it anymore since my faith has been shattered.

Everyone keeps trying to implement change when in reality what’s happening is the “band-aid strategy.” Trying to stop the bleeding rarely works unless you deal with the gaping wound. And no one wants to deal with what’s truly challenged in the workplace today — leadership. We are facing one of the biggest leadership crisises in history in all aspects of of the world — government, healthcare, non-profits, corporate and it goes on and on. Slogans, posters and balloons have replaced authenticity and commitment to people. Continue reading

The Only Thing You Can Change is YOU

We often [expect/want/demand/need] other people to change and do what we define as “the right thing.” But we can only [expect/want/demand/need] ourselves to change. We can change:

  • Our expectations of how people should act or the world should be
  • Our want of how a person/boss/co-worker should respond to a situation
  • Our demand that people always do “the right thing”
  • Our need to be understood by others

The hard work that needs to be done is on ourselves. The only expectation we can have of others is that their behavior will be predictable when we learn their patterns. Make changes in how you approach your expectations and you will find it easier to navigate.


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