It’s Simply Bullshit: Who Are You Trying to Impress?

bsWe are constantly being told what to do. I shut down the noise of living other people’s rules.I don’t care who’s on the list and how often they self-congratulate each other. I care what they stand for and what they actually do in terms of impact, not activity.

One of the reasons people tire of social media is not because of the tools but because people are yelling at us and trying to get our attention (like old world advertising). They are telling us who we should be friends with, what words we shouldn’t use on our LinkedIn profile and what we should think about important issues.  Continue reading

Create Your Rules: No One Else Knows What You Want

ReclaimingDo you wake up in the morning dreading opening your Inbox and starting the first of way too many meetings? Do you get announcements from your CEO that make you ask someone what the heck it means since it seems to be written in some secret code? Have you stopped reading the deluge of emails that come your way because they have nothing to do with what you need to get off your to-do list, apart from the ones that you know impact your own job?

You may have thought that by going to school, getting a degree and a fabulous job that your life would be a happy one. And yet, you wake up in the morning in dread. Wednesday gets you excited because it’s almost Friday and the weekend (is that why they call it hump day?). Then, the weekend finally comes around and “holy shit, it’s Monday” and it all starts all over again. Continue reading

Starving in Abundance

AbundanceMany people perceive the world as increasingly complicated. Us, humans, are becoming more overwhelmed and stressed out every day. We find life hectic. We are running from place to place trying to simply keep up and stay afloat. Because what would happen if we had to stop checking stuff off our never ending to do list and think about what we wanted? Continue reading

Face your Fears and Unleash Yourself

regretsHow do you know when you’re done? When it’s time to move on? Sometimes it’s an impulse where the universe steps in and screams at us, like my United  flight disaster. Other times you spend time thinking through your decision. But no matter how ready we believe we are, it is tough to let go of the past and our comfort zone. We don’t like feeling incompetent. Our fears too often get in the way.

What scares the living day lights out of you and why will you do something about it today? Is it that you are “just not good enough,” “not ready,” or is that “you will fail and embarrass yourself?” What’s your story and what can you do about it? What’s holding you back? Continue reading


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