Playing the Game

Playing the GameI have been coaching a woman (let’s call her Sarah) who is struggling at work. Her boss gets sadistic pleasure in making her life a living hell. Recently, I listened  to her share the latest abusive antic and gave her some very tough love. I can see what she can’t see because she is living this nightmare. And it is so hard to see when you are in the thick of it. We were brought up around concepts of truth and justice but as we go into machine, reality shows us that it is about playing the game and survival. Continue reading

What useful purpose does fear play?

changeAll we have is time. Take time for you. Invest in knowing yourself and what you want. Move away from what was drilled into your brain about what you are supposed to do. If you look at your watch right now, you’ll find that the time is now. And if you look again in a few minutes, it will still be now.

We have choices. You are allowed to make your own rules and never let anyone get in your way. If you keep encountering the same roadblock — a bad relationship or stressful work situation — then there is a lesson you have yet to learn. Continue reading


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