The Road to Wellness is Tough and Yet, Rewarding

TimeWhat have you done for YOURself today?

We are socialized into a broken system that surrounds us each day of our life. It is sad but true that many people go through their life living someone else’s expectations of them: whether it is being a wife or husband, a parent, a worker, a community member, a citizen and an overall human being. We get sucked into peer pressure and false notions of “success.”

I ran away from home this year for my birthday. This is the first of many trips. It is going to be a life long celebration of my birth and it is beginning with this trip. I am focused not so much on QTR (quality time remaining) but QTB (quality time beginning). I no longer worry about disappointing anyone else in my life apart from myself. And no, I have not become a mega-narcissist (and believe me, I am sure since I once was married to one). I have spent this past year, since firing myself from corporate America, doing the really hard work. And it’s paying off. I am seeing improvements in all areas of my health and wellness.

When I got to this gorgeous resort yesterday, I was greeted with a scripted welcome. I tried to make it lighter and thought I was successful. But right upfront I encountered the first “problem.” [And yes, I know this is merely a first world crisis], They were trying to give me a room that I did not desire or book. I pushed back with a light response and a very clear message that I am here for my wellness and I don’t want “any drama” while I am here.

I am now staying in the Governor’s Suite, which is way more than I ever expected. Luckily, the governor is not here right now. As I was being shown my suite, I was told that the snacks and drinks would be replenished every day. They were surprised to hear that I simply wanted them removed. I asked if they can replace the soda pop with sparkling water and remove all the GMO snacks. I see all of this crap now as poison. It does not serve me any useful purpose on my journey to wellness.

As I was getting a very detailed tour of the suite, Paulina asked me a few questions and I shared with her that I am writing a book and that I quit my job. It was crazy. She asked me to give her a big hug as she was so excited to hear that I am pursuing my passion. It was a great beginning. She also asked for a copy of my e-book. I have a feeling we are going to have a long conversation one day this week.

I have not blogged in a long time for many reasons that I will write about. My last 8-weeks have been absolutely life changing in terms of my wellness and it is only the start of a brand new life of quality time.

So, I am off for a walk and a swim in the ocean. What are you doing for yourself today? How are you silencing that nagging voice in your head and telling it to take a hike so you can do something meaningful? Please feel free to share it in the comments as like you, I am seeking real people in my journey.

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