Note to Self: You Don’t Get Out of this World Alive

successThe definition of success is often heavily influenced by our family, friends and colleagues. They will ask you and assess what, in their minds, you have accomplished. They don’t know always know or understand what is important to you. Finding personal fulfillment requires us to take a very personal look at how we define success and look inside ourselves for that answer. And while you may think that’s the hard part, it is usually just the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Last night I went to dinner with my mom and her best friend, who asked me what would I do if I could start all over now that I am older, wiser and with career “success” under my belt. I didn’t hesitate since in my heart of hearts I know that while writing, speaking and helping people and organizations is in my blood and is what I am creating now as my life, I would become a chef so I can share my passion for clean and healthy eating with others.

It would not be a life of endless meetings at the PowerPoint sausage factory. Continue reading


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