Join Me on my Journey to Make Magic Happen

magicOne of my favorite ways of looking at the world is when one door closes, two windows open. Who said we should only walk through doors? Yes, I like shaking it up. Why else are we here?

I have been hearing people talk about what’s on their bucket list for years. It ranges from jumping out of planes–with a parachute–to having the trip to Paris they have always dreamed of. It is a list of stuff they want to do some day. The ultimate goal is to check as many items off the list before you die.

Is that really the way to have a full life? Live for what you want to do? Sure, it works for some people and they feel a sense of accomplishment to declare to the world that they have jumped from that plane and are still alive to go tick off more bucket list items or feel their vision board led them to success. As we age, we realize that the only certainty we have is that one day we will die. But we are the ones passing through time and every person’s clock is unique to them.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from divorcing my job is that I don’t want a bucket list. I want to live my life fully. My definition of success has shifted and I want to be able to touch as many people as possible with my writing and speaking so they can have the courage to allow themselves to be whole people. It’s a world where life is the backdrop and work is something we do to have the life we want.

I am not saying everyone should quit their jobs. What I would like to help with is for us to stop defining ourselves and others by what we do for a living. And then wait for the right time to go to Paris.

My father died suddenly at 54. I was too busy at my job to call him back that day. He gave me a gift by showing me how short and precious our lives are. That is why I am sharing with you today that I am off for a month to work on my book and disconnect from my day-to-day world. It means that I will blog and create more. I will get closer to having work = my art and creation.

I don’t want a bucket list. I want a life where work helps me have the life I want to live. All those 24/7 days at the office and proving my loyalty are over. As my former colleagues who have just been laid off (some after 17 years) can attest to is that one-way loyalty is a relationship they will not enter again.

My flight to Tokyo is already delayed but that’s ok. I am in no rush to get anywhere because I am already where I want to be. I am not waiting.

Please keep me company on this journey and let me know where you are at and how can you make magic? I will be checking for comments when I land and transfer planes (wifi permitting) so let’s get started …

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