Making Work Suck Less

Bill Jensen is one of those guys that has helped many people when it comes to re-inventing work and making it simpler. Like him, I am a big believer in the fact that work does not have to be so complex and that we lost some common sense when it comes to business these days. We all know that people are what make up most organizations’ success or failure and yet, fear led by a few at the top continues to rule too many people’s lives.

Organizations spend months recruiting and enticing the top talent. Many even broadcast it over many channels when they manage to get them in the front door.

But what happens next? We all know how this movie plays out. You get hired, there is the honeymoon and then it’s on to the next great hire. And why does this happen?

Well, there are plenty of reasons. But the one that is in our control is our wanting to be picked. We have been raised to expect validation to come from someone else saying that we are good enough to work for them. We need to switch the dialogue by going after what we want and not waiting to be picked. Son’t wait for that job posting. Go create what you want by building relationships with the organization or customer you want and make it happen.

And for Bill Jensen, I just love his Suck Less Manifesto:

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