The War of Art and Doing the Work

Be RemarkablePart of us wants to follow our heart and do what fulfills us and part of us wants to be safe by watching the latest episode of 30 Rock. Part of us want to be skinny and we know that sugar will deter us from that vision and yet, we eat the cookies.

According to  author and journalist, Ben Thomas:

“Every habit and hangup, every dread and desire in our minds is dependent on neural pathways that were once laid down by our personal experiences. Like every other organism on earth, we carry the history of a long, successful lineage in our genetic and biological makeup. The question of what to do with those resources, though, isn’t predetermined by the past. It’s up to you.”

Seth Godin and others like to call it The Lizard brain and he claims that it is a compass that usually tells us not to do something. When it shows up, “I invite it in for tea and we chat. By welcoming it, it has less power over me.”

 Before you can be generous to someone else, you have to get unstuck about your own beliefs that stop you in your tracks. Believing that by quitting your job you’re telling the world that you could’t handle it is just plain wrong. It’s your life. Think about how to simplify and be generous to yourself before you pursue a mission of saving the world. 

Face your lizard and have a long chat with it. If you care enough, find someone who tells you the truth all the time. You may need someone else you trust to push you.

The best way to influence your path is by experimenting and seeing what works and what fails. What experiment can you start today to get unstuck? What is ridiculous that you can transform into being remarkable?

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