Making it Real: What Are You Doing?

Making it RealThis year has been amazing in the people I met and the conversations I’ve had. I learned so much from simply listening. After a challenging time of scheduling one particular call (it took us over 3 months to get our calendars aligned), it was finally the day to connect with Kevin Susman and I am so glad I did. We had no agenda apart from learning about what we are creating in the world. He shared with me that many years ago he had that job everyone wanted, except for him. Don’t get me wrong. He loved what he did but it forced him to choose work over his family. Continue reading

Do You Want to Live in a Cookie Cutter World?

Art = WorkIf your work was more than a job or a place to go, what would you want to create? What world do you want to live in?

My generation has been sold a bill of goods. Here is the story we were sold:

  1. Have lots of friends. Be popular at school.
  2. Get good grades. Graduate.
  3. Get an education. Get a degree or two or three.
  4. Date. Meet good prospects who can provide and find the one that could be a “good” partner.
  5. Get a job so and have a great career.
  6. Marry. Have children. Make sure to have work-life balance.
  7. Climb the corporate ladder. Make sure to have work-life balance. Continue reading

The road to success is always under construction

Closing the Gap Between Talking and DoingWhen you want something bad enough, you will figure out how to make it happen. How badly do you want it? That is the question to work on.

One day I woke up and realized that there is nothing left in the organization that I wanted. I was a c-level executive in a $2+ billion business. There was no promotion. There was no title. There was no project. There was no purpose.I felt like work became a giant vacuum cleaner that kept sucking up my energy. My reward for doing good work was more work.  Continue reading

Create Your Rules: No One Else Knows What You Want

ReclaimingDo you wake up in the morning dreading opening your Inbox and starting the first of way too many meetings? Do you get announcements from your CEO that make you ask someone what the heck it means since it seems to be written in some secret code? Have you stopped reading the deluge of emails that come your way because they have nothing to do with what you need to get off your to-do list, apart from the ones that you know impact your own job?

You may have thought that by going to school, getting a degree and a fabulous job that your life would be a happy one. And yet, you wake up in the morning in dread. Wednesday gets you excited because it’s almost Friday and the weekend (is that why they call it hump day?). Then, the weekend finally comes around and “holy shit, it’s Monday” and it all starts all over again. Continue reading

Starving in Abundance

AbundanceMany people perceive the world as increasingly complicated. Us, humans, are becoming more overwhelmed and stressed out every day. We find life hectic. We are running from place to place trying to simply keep up and stay afloat. Because what would happen if we had to stop checking stuff off our never ending to do list and think about what we wanted? Continue reading

Preview from Getting Unstuck: You need to pick yourself and know what you need to make

Pick YourselfEvery kid can’t wait until they can be a grownup. The fantasy is that when you are an adult you can make your own choices, stay up all night and drink grownup beverages. It looks so easy and rewarding. But nobody tells you that it’s a lot tougher than it looks, that those feelings that you have that you are not good enough, that you’re doing something wrong, they tend to stay with you. Most people spend their life time trying to fit in and measure up. But there is a time when you start to see the truth that being grownup simply means that you know who you are and that you have the courage to be that person.

Most of us were raised to be ordinary but we all want to live an extraordinary life. We put restrictions on ourselves. What do you expect of yourself? Can you manifest the types of relationships you would like? If it were as simple as just following a manual, then everyone would just do that and be a success. You can go beyond being average. Continue reading


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